Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Sweet Surprise

It's no secret that I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I. Love. Candy. As a self-proclaimed "candy connoisseur" it irks me that some of the best treats are only available south of the border. When we were in Vegas a couple of years ago I fell in love with coconut M&Ms, I probably ate my weight in them over the weekend. Last year, in Hawaii, we were reunited and I was able to smuggle a stash back with me. I recently heard a little rumour that they were available in the city at certain convenience stores but hadn't had the chance to find them & stock up. Then this morning we found this on our doorstep:
well, hello there...

That was unexpected! I thought maybe it was an accident until I saw the card was addressed to me. I greedily opened it up to discover:

My beautiful girlfriend, Tanis, had dropped off TEN bags of coconut M&Ms for me this morning before work. I could barely contain my excitement! Needless to say, I ate a bag for breakfast & half a bag for lunch. I wrapped the rest up & tossed them in the back of the pantry (I have to make them last this time). I'm so lucky to have such a thoughtful friend.

Thanks Tanis! Yum!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Lauren's Wedding

Saturday we were invited to share a very special day with one of my best friends. Lauren & I have known each other for over 20 years: danced together, went to school together, lived together... She & her (now) husband are wonderful, caring people who deserve so much happiness & love. We were really excited to be a part of their celebration.
the beautiful bride & groom
The ceremony was short & sweet (especially nice since it was 30 degrees & the ceremony was outside!) and the bride & groom even wrote their own vows. I sobbed through the whole thing!
Auntie Sarah kept W entertained

with my handsome date

Lauren & Andy met when they both worked at a golf course so the entire wedding was a golf theme. Personalized golf balls & chocolate golf balls were the favours and each table had to putt for their turn at the buffet - fortunately Kevin has a pretty tight short-game!
Now the newlyweds are in Maui, hopefully relaxing before they return home to finish renos & unpacking their new condo!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Canniff!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Gratuitous Baby Photos

My favourite part of blog-browsing is looking through all the pretty pictures of bloggers' families & homes. I haven't been very good at emailing updated photos of Wesley or even posting them to Facebook so when I recently spent an afternoon flipping through all the pics of W since he was born I thought, why not do a little post dedicated to Nugget? This will probably be an ongoing thing as more photos come in but here is a little taste of some of my favourites over the last 4 months.

Wesley's newborn photo shoot - copyright Sarah Mavro Photography
copyright Sarah Mavro Photography
Protective big sister
with Uncle Neil

Don't they both look terrified?
naked tummy time
 This is only a small sample of the hundreds of photos that make me smile & tear-up all at the same time. It's crazy how much he has changed in such a short period, he doesn't even look like the same little baby we brought home from the hospital! Thank goodness we have pictures to remember the details.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What Happened This Week: Baking & Kismet

I'm sure everyone can relate to this: you go to the grocery store, buy 5 bananas, eat 4, & throw one in the freezer. The next week you buy 4, eat 3, & throw one in the freezer. I can never seem to win this battle, ending up with a freezer that looks like this:
It's a running joke between Kevin & I that I've been saving them to make banana bread when really I just have a hard time throwing them away. Finally this week I broke down & just baked a couple loaves.
I like baking but with just two of us in the house we don't need a bunch of cake laying around so Kevin took the other loaf to the kids helping him run the Oilers Hockey Camp. 

In unrelated news, I finally finished The Hunger Games (I know, I'm a little late to the party). I don't normally get hooked in to book series, with the exception of Twilight {ahem}, and I DEFINITELY do not intend on reading the remainder of a certain other popular book trilogy {gag!}, so I was left bookless at the beginning of the week. Then, as if Fate took pity on me, we passed a little trolley outside a neighbour's house on our evening walk with piles of books & a little sign that said "Free". What luck! I picked up a couple & now I'm set until my "holds" come in at the library.
Now I just need to find an hour to sit & enjoy one of my favourite pass-times. What was your best free find?