Monday, April 29, 2013

Khaki Green and...

I've mentioned before that I often latch on to a particular clothing trend and buy multiples in that style (stripes, plaid shirts, maxi dresses, etc). Lately when getting dressed I find I'm wearing a lot of khaki green (also known as army green). It's versatility makes it an easy substitute for more classic neutrals like black or tan. I like to wear it with prettier pieces to balance out the masculinity that army green is typically associated with but it pairs just as well with motorcycle boots or a tailored blazer.

I've been wearing khaki green and...

 pastel blue



glittery gold

 feminine dresses

Depending on how you pair it, khaki green can be worn in any season. I'm looking forward to wearing my skinny pants with sandals instead of boots, though, I'm getting really tired of our extended winter!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happiness Project: Blogging

So I've been MIA in Blogland since returning to work from maternity leave almost a month ago. I've really missed it but I've had a hard time finding a moment to sit at the computer and write out my current thoughts and inspirations. I've had a few partly-finished pieces sitting in my "drafts" folder for weeks and it's time to finally get them out there. Being away from blogging has made me realize how much I enjoy it - organizing my ideas and expressing them through photos and writing has been so much fun and more than a little therapeutic. So as part of my Happiness Project resolution to "be more creative" I've decided to make time at least once a week to work on my blog. I hope you can stop by to say 'hi' - thank you so much for your patience!